Palestinian Protestors

University Of Denver Plans To Take Disciplinary Action Against Pro-Palestinian Protestors

University of Denver officials are considering taking disciplinary action against pro-Palestinian protesters who fail to adhere to campus policies. Additionally, they’ve noted instances of antisemitism associated with the protest encampment.

“Despite our commitment to fostering free expression, encouraging dialogue, and ensuring safety, the situation persists with a deliberate flouting of university policies and a concerning rise in incidents of unacceptable behavior, notably antisemitism and disruption,” stated DU Chancellor Jeremy Haefner, Provost Mary Clark, and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Todd Adams in a joint statement.

Pro-Palestinian activists established the encampment at the Carnegie Green quad of the private university, beginning Thursday afternoon. University officials have currently permitted the encampment to remain, with its continued presence contingent upon considerations of “health, safety, sanitation, and disruption to university operations” for the foreseeable future.

Officials have cautioned that only current students, faculty, and staff members are permitted to participate in the overnight protests and encampments. Furthermore, they must strictly adhere to the campus policy on protests.

University officials emphasized the implementation of a “visual check” of university IDs, clarifying that this security measure will not be employed for punitive purposes.

Throughout the weekend, officials noted several instances of noncompliance from encampment participants, such as refusal to present university-issued ID when requested.

“Our ability to uphold campus safety relies on everyone’s adherence to university policy,” emphasized the officials. “As a reminder, failure to comply will lead to immediate referral to Student Rights and Responsibilities or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX, as applicable, for thorough review and necessary action, including possible interim suspension.”

Over the past three weeks, a significantly larger encampment has been expanding at downtown Denver’s Auraria Campus. Beginning with just a dozen or so tents in late April, it has now grown to approximately 60 tents.

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