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US Government Sends A Fresh Round Of Weapons To Israel

The Biden administration is sending more weapons to Israel, which includes more than 1,800 Mark 84 (MK84) 2,000-pound bombs and approximately 500 Mark 82 (MK82) 500-pound bombs.

With more than 30,000 civilians being killed and amid growing concerns for cease-fire, sending a fresh set of weapons undermine the US Government’s public frustration over Israel’s conduct in the war and its own efforts in brokering a cease-fire.

The official said that the weapons package was approved for Israel years ago, and it is being fulfilled now. The Mark 84 and Mark 82 bombs are indeed conventional dumb bombs that can be transformed into precision-guided munitions through the addition of guidance kits, such as JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) kits, which the U.S. has supplied in the past to various allies, including Israel.

While the addition of precision guidance can increase the accuracy of these bombs, reducing the likelihood of missing targets, civilian casualties can still occur, especially in densely populated areas like Gaza. Despite precision guidance systems, collateral damage remains a significant concern in any conflict zone.

Israel does indeed receive significant military assistance from the United States, amounting to approximately $3.8 billion annually in various forms, including weaponry, technology, and financial aid. However, this assistance has faced growing criticism, particularly during times of heightened conflict such as the situation in Gaza.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, with its high civilian death toll and international scrutiny of Israel’s military tactics, has intensified this criticism. Many argue that the continued supply of weapons from the U.S. to Israel, even amidst reports of civilian casualties and alleged human rights violations, raises ethical concerns and could implicate the U.S. in potential violations of international law.

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