Gaza Conflict

Washington Urges Israel to Shift Tactics in Gaza Conflict

The Biden administration is pushing for a change in Israel’s approach to the Gaza conflict, urging a transition from large-scale operations to a more targeted phase against Hamas. President Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, met with Israeli leaders to discuss this shift. While no specific timetable was mentioned, U.S. officials indicate a desire for Israel to adopt more precise tactics within approximately three weeks.

The proposed strategy involves smaller elite forces conducting precise missions to locate and eliminate Hamas leaders, rescue hostages, and destroy tunnels within Gaza’s population centers. This move reflects the U.S. administration’s growing concern over civilian casualties and aims to strike a balance between supporting Israel’s security and addressing the humanitarian crisis.

The call for a change in strategy comes as differences between the U.S. and Israel become more apparent. President Biden expressed concern about the “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza, indicating a shift in his tone from earlier statements. However, challenges lie in President Biden’s leverage over Israel, given the significant annual security assistance the U.S. provides.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant emphasized a longer campaign, signaling a commitment to fight until Hamas is eliminated. While the U.S. and Israeli timelines for a more targeted offensive differ, U.S. officials clarified that Israel’s efforts to target Hamas leaders would continue for months.

Despite these discussions, Israel maintains its determination to continue the conflict until its goals are achieved. The situation in Gaza remains dire, with Philippe Lazzarini of the United Nations describing conditions as a “living hell.” Fighting has intensified, resulting in a significant loss of life and a growing humanitarian crisis. The Biden administration faces the complex challenge of influencing Israel’s strategy while navigating geopolitical dynamics in the region.

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