3 Types of Homes That Are Difficult to Sell

3 Types of Homes That Are Difficult to Sell

Selling a home can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you have never done it before. Some homes sit on the market even in the fastest-moving and in-demand areas. But there are some homes that even professional realtors cannot sell without a struggle. Here are a few reasons why certain properties are challenging to offload.

1) Hoarder Homes

Most homebuyers want houses that are beautiful, clean, and ready to move in. Hoarder homes are the opposite of what they’d expect. While some may consider buying such homes as an investment option, there’s no certainty that they’ll get back the money spent on repairs.

Hoarder homes are expensive, and even a mild clean-up could cost thousands of dollars. There is also cost associated with repairs, renovations, and pest management. Ordinary homes have cosmetic issues that can be fixed in a few days and cost a few hundred dollars. But hoarder homes often need substantial repairs that can take weeks or months. And during this time, you’ll be paying for mortgage, utility bills, and other upkeep expenses.

2) Empty Homes

It’s common knowledge among real estate agents that people don’t buy houses; they buy homes and lifestyles. An empty place has no character or feeling. Only 10% of buyers can visualize a property’s potential, and the remaining 90% need encouragement. Without existing furniture, fixtures, and home décor, it isn’t easy to get an emotional response from prospective buyers. Plus, empty rooms look small.

Buyers also tend to focus on the negative elements when given a blank canvas. It’s easier to spot tiny cracks on the ceiling or blemishes on the wall when there’s nothing else in the room.

3) Untidy and Outdated Homes

Some homes do not sell because of the owner’s attitude. Imagine selling a house that smells like weed or with cigarette stubs everywhere. Pet odors are also a huge turnoff for potential buyers, especially if they are allergic to pets. The dirt, saliva, and dander leave a lingering musty smell in the house and is often difficult to eliminate or mask.

Untidy homes indicate potential problems like repairs, pest infestations, and mold. Even if the house was updated recently, messy homes look old. Buyers will make a lower offer anticipating cleaning and painting.

The Solution

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