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Your Room-By-Room Unpacking Guide

Moving into a new home takes a lot of planning and preparation. However, most people tend to concentrate all their efforts on packing their belongings and transporting them to their new place. Unpacking becomes an afterthought, which ends up creating more stress and trouble than they expect.

The work of moving doesn’t end when the last box is carried into your new home; settling in requires the same level of attention as getting everything out of the old one. Otherwise, you and your family will more than likely have trouble with your daily routines. Spending your first day focusing on arranging all your knick-knacks in the living room means you’ll run into trouble when it’s time for bed as you search for your toothbrush or pillowcases.

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This is why you need to have a plan for unpacking. Approaching the job strategically means you’ll have a much easier time getting settled and less stress. In general, you should begin with the rooms that are the most important and the items that you use the most. For example, make sure you unpack bathroom essentials such as your toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, and towels first. Don’t worry about stocking the linen closet or medicine cabinet until you’ve taken care of these.

In the bedroom, concentrate on assembling your bed and putting on your sheets before you begin putting away your wardrobe. When it comes to the living room, concentrate on your furniture first, followed by and home entertainment equipment and leave the décor and bookshelves for last.

Many people make their moving day experiences more difficult than they need to be by neglecting to plan for the unpacking process. If you want to make settling into your new home as stress free as possible, take a moment to look at the accompanying resource. It provides you with a strategy that ensures you won’t be left rummaging through boxes at the end of your already-busy day.

Author bio: Adam Warner is Content Strategist Manager at Moving of America. Previously, Warner wrote short stories across different magazines. 

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